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Coming soon ! Personalized car animation – with you in your car (or other things like motorcycles, boats, etc.)!

blackpoolcopterThat’s right… Steve will be offering cartoon creations of you driving your car, motorcycle, boat or whatever in a selected environment of your choice…

Just send in a picture of yourself, the object you want drawn with your favorite vacation spots and Steve will animate you driving your car !Motorcycle

Please visit the web site soon for a preview of this hot new concept !



Disclaimer: Please know that Motor City Toons is an unofficial website that is not sponsored by or endorsed by any automotive manufacturing or racing companies. Additionally, Motor City Toons is not associated with any other company similarly named or otherwise using the commonly used phrase, “Motor City”. “Motor City” is used only as a reference to geographic location of artist and is known world-wide as a common reference to Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

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