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About the Artist

Steve Williams actually started his art career at age 17 while working abmw printing press at one of his first jobs. Steve would draw cartoons when he had extra time and decided during that time that he wanted to pursue an art career.

Steve began taking art classes at Eastern Michigan University and during the summer breaks Steve worked at Ford Motor Company where he boxed parts.  Steve would draw a cartoon on the inside of the boxes to amuse those who eventually opened the boxes. While Steve was going to school taking art classes he would also play drums in various local bands and needless to say, being in a band generated more material for his cartoons. 

After completing his undergraduate degree at EMU Steve began working for Ameritech drawing art for the yellow pages. He then moved on to designing web pages and pursuing a masters degree.  Steve has completed his masters degree and is currently working as a high school art teacher.

Disclaimer: Please know that Motor City Toons is an unofficial website that is not sponsored by or endorsed by any automotive manufacturing or racing companies. Additionally, Motor City Toons is not associated with any other company similarly named or otherwise using the commonly used phrase, “Motor City”. “Motor City” is used only as a reference to geographic location of artist and is known world-wide as a common reference to Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

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