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Welcome to Motor City Toons!

The best place for personalized caricatures of cars, car owners and car lovers – straight from the world famous Motor City! The automotive capital of the world is also home to the world’s best cartoons!

Just send Motor City Toons a picture of the car you want drawn and we’ll create a personalized cartoon of the vehicle! A car’s owner can be drawn in with the vehicle – even the owner’s favorite dog! Is the person in the photo a fisherman, hockey fan, or hunter? The more you let us know about the people in the cartoon, the more our artist can personalize the cartoon! We can create a unique, thoughtful and personalized gift for any of the car lovers you may know! Motor City Toons can ship the finished cartoon to you anywhere in the world – all direct from Detroit Motor City! 


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Disclaimer: Please know that Motor City Toons is an unofficial website that is not sponsored by or endorsed by any automotive manufacturing or racing companies. Additionally, Motor City Toons is not associated with any other company similarly named or otherwise using the commonly used phrase, “Motor City”. “Motor City” is used only as a reference to geographic location of artist and is known world-wide as a common reference to Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

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